Tea Sets

Tips On How To Choose The Best Tea Set

Tea is a wonderful beverage to share with friends and family members. After all, this is why many tea drinkers invest in a quality tea set — to enjoy with loved ones.

But for some tea lovers, figuring out which tea set to choose can be tricky. Use the tea set tips below to make the most of every cup, and every tea service.

What does a full tea set include?

Most tea sets include a teapot, teacups, sauces, and tea accessories like a sugar and creamer set. Some tea sets also include stirrers and a tea tray for carrying.

As well, tea sets usually come with a matching set of five or six teacups (and saucers). After all, the purpose of a tea set is to serve a small group of people. However, some tea sets may serve up to twelve people at a time.

Which tea set should I buy?

Purchase a tea set based on how many people will attend the tea service. For smaller groups, choose sets that can serve about five to six people. For larger groups, sets with up to twelve teacups may be best.

Types of tea set

There are different types of tea sets made from different materials. Some materials may be more appropriate for casual services. While other materials may be best for more formal settings.


Chinese tea sets usually include traditional service wares like cups and saucers. However, Chinese tea sets may also include other accessories like fragrance-smelling cups.


These elegant tea sets have transparent cups, saucers, teapots, and so on. Many tea drinkers enjoy glass tea sets because they get to experience rich colors as the tea steeps.

Cast iron

Cast iron tea sets help retain heat and over time, they also hold on to flavors. These lingering tea notes enrich each cup and deliver unique flavor profiles.


Ceramic tea sets can be either porous or nonporous. Regardless, ceramic tea sets are ideal for heat retention. They're also great for green tea brews, in particular.

Tea Sets

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